System One

System One Key Features:

bulletDesigned entirely with CAD/CAM software - for accurate and repeatable assembly
bulletFabrication of chassis and other parts are all N.C. punch, bend and machined - for mechanical superiority
bulletConstructed of 1/8 inch aluminum black anodized with a brush finish - for an attractive look and a "Road Worthy" design
bulletTried and true our LPS-1 linear power supply.
bulletFull Linear Passbank Power Supply - for lowest noise performance
bulletMetal Ceramic Plasma Tube - for longest lifetime
bulletInvar Resonator - for superior passive stability
bulletSingle Frequency Operation - for narrow line width and long coherence length
bulletMultiLine Operation - for high power
bulletIndustry standard Ion laser technology in our LH-1 laser head.
bulletArgon (up to 7 watts)
bulletMulti line
bulletSingle line
bullet(647.1 - 676.4 nm)
bulletRed (647.1 - 676.4 nm)
bulletYellow (575.3 nm)
bulletGreen (520.8 - 496.5)
bulletBlue (488.0 - 476.2)
bulletDeep blue (457.9)
bulletMixed Gas (Argon & Krypton)


Why Choose System One

Exceptional Performance
The LH-1 series of laser heads provide high performance, long term reliability, multiple operating configurations and ease of use. It is an excellent choice for Laser Entertainment as well as Scientific and Medical applications. Flexible and diverse it offers applicable high power in both wide band and single line operation at a affordable price.

Metal Ceramic Plasma Tube for Exceptional Lifetime
All LH-1 series laser heads incorporate metal/ceramic plasma tubes. A proven technology, the metal/ceramic tube is accepted as the standard for high power and stability and life expectancy. This series of metal/ceramic tubes offer many improvements from older designs, primarily in gas-flow dynamics. This  further extends the tubes lifetime and performance.

Highly Stable Resonator
    The overall stability of an ion laser system greatly depends on a properly designed and implemented resonator. LH-1 incorporates an invar resonator structure which offers exceptional stability, resistance to ambient thermal effects and mechanical rigidity. The high thermal mass and high mechanical mass of the resonator, in combination with it's kinematic mounting design, reduces the effects of environmental changes to a minimum (such as stress on the outer skin). 

Low Noise Power Supply
System One power supply LPS-1 incorporates a fully regulated series passbank design, with proven performance on location and in the lab. This design provides the lowest noise operation we know of ( 0.2% rms ) in either light or current regulation mode.

Customer Support Completes the Product
Nitelite Products customer support goes beyond delivering an excellent product at an affordable price. We stock a large inventory of fully tested System one's ready for shipment and all System One's come with a 12 month 2000 hour limited warranty covering both parts and labor. After standard warranty expiration, a variety of continuing service agreements can be used to maintain warranty coverage if desired.
    To assure that our products and services are easy to use we provide "over the phone" technical support and "on site service". We also guaranteed shipment of parts, including tubes in 48 hours of receipt of your order.

Additional Information

System One Ships with
LPS-1 (Our tried and proven Laser Power Supply)
LH-1 (Industry standard metal/ceramic plasma tube for long life and reliability)
Reusable shipping crate
Users manual
Maintenance kit

System One requirements are
Electrical: 200 - 280 VAC 3 Phase at 45 amps
Cooling: Clean water (City Water is OK)
Water Flow Rate (min.): 11.3 l/min (3.0 gal/min.)
Water Pressure (min.): 172 kPa (25 psig)
Water Pressure (max.): 517 kPa (75 psig)
Inlet Water Temperature: 10 35 C (50 95 F)

System One Physical aspects
Umbilical Length: 3.7 m (12 ft) 3.7 m (12 ft)
Weight ( not crated)
Laser Head: 15.87 Kg. (35 lb..)
Power Supply: 39.91 Kg. (88 lb..)
Weight (crated)
Laser Head: 41.73 Kg. (92 lb..)
Power Supply: 65.77 Kg. (145 lb..)
LPS-1: 20.32 cm. x 43.18 cm. x 45.72 cm. (8 in. x 17 in. x 18 in.) Standard 19 rack mount.
LH-1: 17.14 cm. x 15.87 cm. x 115.57 cm. (6.75 in.. x 6.25 in. x 45.5 in.)

System one Pricing
Argon: $12,500.00 USD
Krypton: $12,500.00 USD
Mix Gas: $14,500.00 USD

Buyer assumes shipping costs.
Systems usually ship with in 2 or 3 days of order.

Wire transfer. (Recommended for out of USA)
Cash. (USD)
Money order. (US)

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